3D Printing - Round 2

SD Toaster

Finally grabbed the motivation to get back on 3D Printing. Got a bunch of stuff going already. Attempting to learn as I go, while trying to prioritize Christmas prints for the family.

X-Mas Edit: Everything worked out well. I printed desktop name plates for the kids, along with a Minecraft Creeper Keychain, along with Croc "The Rock" & Shrek Ear jibbitz. They were quite happy with them.

The Rock - In Jibbitz form!
Minecraft - Creeper Keychain

Currently, I have quite a bit of red and white filament on hand. I do have much shorter lengths of other colors, none of them want to cooperate with the printer at the moment though. I am going to work on getting my color base up over time. I can only print in 1 color at a time with the printer I have (Creality Ender 3 V3 SE). I don't mind. Just have to be mindful of what I'm printing currently.

As I happen to have a spare Raspberry Pi 4b not in use, I am working on remote print monitoring via Octoprint and a webcam I also have that isn't used much. At this very moment, I am attempting to print a modular control arm camera mount system. I would also like to mount the RPi4 to the printer itself. I will most likely be printing a case for the RPi4 for that as well. I have a case, but I am not sure if the mounting bracket would work with it.

I WAS (keyword there) working on that hilarious Goose from the Untitled Goose Game. The little bastard just was not cooperating. I needed to take a break from him before I 3D printed a knife...

Prior to Christmas, just getting ready for the holiday was taking up all my time & energy. Hopefully now with the holiday behind me, I can focus on hobbies and other fun shit.

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