Roundabouts: A simple how-to

Roundabouts: A Simple How To

I get immensely frustrated when I use one of the roundabouts in the town I live in. People have no clue about the basic rules of traffic circles. I get cut off all the time when I am going what equates to "not straight" (if the roundabout was just a 2 way street). I have seen numerous people come to a complete STOP while inside the circle. I know what the statistics say. In our town, someone is going to get seriously injured trying to beat the other guy by going first into the circle. 

Sometimes I just want to drive around it in circles and never exit the damn thing. I just don't have the time, nor do I want to get injured or damage my car. Can we have pamphlets or some shit mailed out every year? This is getting ridiculous.

Above is a simple image (slightly edited) that will absolutely confuse most of the people in our town who use the roundabout. I'll give the short version... If someone is in the circle, stop at the outside of it. Let people who were there before you go through. Don't always assume the other guy is going to exit right away.

Below is a short YouTube video also explaining it. For you moving picture visual types.

I have little hope this will actually do any good. I just had to put something up.