Buy My Neighbor on eBay

So back in early 2003, I was sick and tired of my neighbor (We all were at this point). So, after much deliberation with her boyfriend (now husband), we all decided to throw her up on eBay and see what we could get for her. It would have been win-win all the way around. I guess at the time there were no rules prohibiting the sale of people on eBay. If there was, I sure as 💩 couldn't find it anywhere.

So up she went, and after a week the final bid was around $100 million dollars. eBay then decided to flag the listing as immoral and illegal, and then null and voided the whole thing. They should have been happy to take their cut and GTFO, but no. 

In the end, again after much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that it was just cheaper to keep her and feed her whole cakes every day. Such is life.

I am providing image/archive proof for the skeptical side of the internet. And for the "See it for science" types as well.

Buy my neighbor, on eBay

Disclaimer: Obviously it was a joke. Everyone was down with it, including the woman being "sold" on eBay. The 💩 I did for the site back in the day.... 🤣.