Oh how far I have come...


July 2006

I found my first site quick AF, and totally forgot about the original version of this site. I cannot remember why I started this site. I believe I stopped DSDC around March of 2005 and started TOTN around June of 2006. I guess I just wanted to get back in the game. Its kinda fuzzy, but I think DSDC was unavailable so i went with TOTN. I am glad I was able to get them back. I believe i kept TOTN the entire time and just didn't do anything with it forever.

Taking Over The Net  
May 2007

Around December of 2007, the archive is not able to save whatever site format I changed to at the time, So it looks like shit. Then in late 2009 I changed over to a blogspot site. The WBM seems to have a better snapshot of that version. I barely did anything with the site after that.

Taking Over The Net 
August 2012

There are a few snapshots after that. It's either bullshit or pages that just don't load, through this month. I'd like to figure out a way to import the old posts from way back in the day so they're on the current version of the site. Not entirely sure how I would go about that, as i do not have access to the old wordpress or blogspot sites anymore.


And the current layout (duh).

Current site layout