They lied to us

Someone sold us a goddamn bridge. I know I'm not alone in wishing I could go back to when shit was easier. No bills. No stress. No bullshit. Living it up while learning how to "adult" one day. Such a scam.

We been had!

I am very happy I grew up during the analog -> digital transition... Which makes me a Xennial, if you give a 💩. IDGAF if you do or do not. WTF is a Xennial you say?

WTF is a Xennial

No instant access / gratification to on demand knowledge. Everyone has turned into that whiny, needy brat Veruca Salt. If we don't have a video of "life" on our phone or in the cloud, did it even happen? The Xennials were in control of our own destiny. We had to wait a week to see if our instant photos came out shitty or not.

Give me a Garfield phone, my Rollerblade Dirks, some JNCO super-wide jeans with goofy t-shirts from Spencers, and my riced out Dodge Neon and I will be just fine.