FPS Documentary

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I am very much looking forward to this one. It will be released digitally on August 31st, 2023. Physical media will begin to ship September 30th, 2023.Me and the boys all grew up on this shit. We experienced it live as it all came out.

For me, it all started in 1992 with Wolfenstein 3D. I only was able to get the shareware version until Steam came around.

Then, just one year later (1993) the entire PC gaming industry was turned upside down with... Doom. This game changed the landscape of LAN gaming forever. Playing against your friend while at home was possible, just slow AF.

Just 3 years later (1996, Forever to a 15 year old), this goddamn masterpiece was released... Quake. This one quickly became my personal favorite. To this day, I still run through it from time to time. Online gaming was picking up. 56k gaming was tolerable, unless of course your parents picked up the phone mid game. It spawned numerous mods. The most popular one being Quake: Team Fortress. Yes, this is the OG Team Fortress game that was a mod of Half-Life.

Still want to play? I just found this after a Google search. Quake Servers.

Here is the original intro to Quake: Team Fortress, the mod I stayed up all night playing with friends online. You can still play an updated version called Fortress Forever.

I'm skipping over Quake 2. It really wasn't a true sequel to Quake anyway.

Quake 3: Arena (1999), while a sequel in numerical order only, was focused on multiplayer gaming. It did have a single player death match option, with AI bots. It was quite fun, especially as online play had progressed quite a bit. You can still play it online, on Steam (1, 2), or via Open Arena.

After Q3A, I moved on to other things for a time. As of a few years ago, I have gotten back in to retro gaming. Atari on up to PS1, including the games posted above.