Zombies Ate My Doom Guy.

Ok, this is just amazing. A guy named Spuky decided to mod GZ Doom and he is remaking Zombies Ate My Neighbors in 1st person. Both games were so much fun. Now with the ability to mod GZ Doom to basically whatever you want, you get stuff like this. We all wished we could have played Zombies like this when we were growing up. This is a serious nostalgia trip. Enough talk, here is the video.

After watching a few minutes I had to try it out. So I went over here and downloaded the latest demo available. It's the Halloween Demo.Download the ZIP file. Extract somewhere, then run the ZAMN TC EXE file. It's safe to run. There is nothing shady hiding in there anywhere.

The full game is going to be great. The Dev said it will have co-op play.