It's all over now

peter griffin roller disco dance


Got back from Atlantic City around 10pm last night. It would have been 9pm but the bus got caught up in the garage. Being he [the driver] got tipped before we got to A/C, we figured he was out at the bar or some shit. Or maybe he won it big on the roulette table. Not like I fuckin did on the other hand.

We went down on a Saturday, which meant the city would be packed. All those broke deadbeat retards from other states trying to win it big. I should know, i’m one of them. Being the city was packed tighter than an imates ass, they decided to raise all the minimum bets over the weekend. I don’t know about you, but I do not have the scrilla, nor the balls to drop 100$ a pop over and over for 25 meesly chips. So needless to say, after about 5 games of blackjack, poker and roulette we ended up over at the penny slots. Horrible aint it?

Of all places to make money that’s the one where I made the most. Everywhere’s else was shit. I guess the only consolation prize was that we didnt drive down, thus enabling everyone on the bus to get thoroughly fucked up before we got there and on the ride home. This was most important because it made me forget how much money we lost down there. Goddamn crooked dealers. They should all be shot for taking my money. Not like I was unwilling to give it up though. Seriously, i’m Atlantic City’s bitch folks. No question about it.

So on to other things… Have you ever taken a piss [men only here] and had it come out in two streams instead of one? You know what the hell im talkin about. There’s that one that makes it into the bowl just fine… Then there’s that one that just goes out on it’s own and decides to hit the mirror and anything else it finds. My piss seems to like my girlfriends makeup case and the ceiling. Those items get targeted more than anything else. I swear, my urine has radar, or should i say peedar.

winnie the pooh

It’s almost that season, wait, it is the season to be scaring little kids at night, getting fatter on a big bird and proceeding to rip open presents faster than you can say rape me. I don’t mind the holidays, they are fun in a way. Aside from the family getting together and holiday pay, there’s no other incentive around this time of the year. We get six months of winter around these parts, so that just means come New Years Day we have about 4 more months to go. Joy. Joy I say again.

digga and the trash can

Anyone remember that night? Jesus Christ it hurt like hell. The bat wasnt as bad as the ringing in my fucking ears all night. It felt like I was put in that gong from The Gong Show and it kept ringing all night long. I couldn’t hear myself screaming at the top of my lungs due to being all concussed and shit. It’s not fun telling the doctor why you have a piece of trash can stuck in your ear. I would know.

Not much else going on around here. Might be playing some poker tonight. I hope to recoup a margin of my losses last night. Let’s just hope that luck and good shuffleing are on my side tonight. Maybe ill be able to afford gas money to get to work this week.

Check me out here if you wanna be like that. Until then peace out.