Modder Builds the Nintendo Playstation

A rather intelligent and creative modder has created the very elusive Nintendo Playstation. View the video here:

Some history: As early as 1988, Sony was developing a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo. Sony wanted to control licensing for the CD version of games for the Super Nintendo's disk format. Nintendo tried to work a way around this problem, but of course Sony refused. 

Sony figured out a way to retain most, if not all of the profits for the add-on. Saying Nintendo was "pissed" is an understatement. So the big "N" approached Phillips and an agreement was made.

In 1991, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced they were working with Nintendo on the Playstation CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo. The next day at Nintendo's press conference journalists inquired about the add-on, to which Nintendo stated they were working with Phillips, not Sony.

At this point, Sony said something similar to this:

I'm going to build my own gaming system!
Playstaion Fandom - Page cited

So that's what they did. And the rest is history.

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