The [alleged] oldest torrent on the interwebz.

Two rebels - Dante & Medusa - working off the Zion ship "The Descartes" enter the virtual reality prison world of the Matrix to retrieve top-secret information. In order to escape the unstoppable Agents of the Matrix, they devise a plan known as the "Run Program". One rebel breaks into the target building and hacks their systems for the information while the other picks a fight in a bar and creates a distraction to draw the attention of the Agents. However things start to not work out exactly the way they had planned...

As long as this video has been around, and as much as I liked The Matrix series, I never got around to watching this. It's only 16 minutes long. Not like I have the time (as I sit here on a computer writing about the damn thing)...

Anyways. Apparently this is the oldest active torrent on the web. My client reads 676 Seeders as of the date of this post. At 128 megabytes, it definitely won't break the bank on your storage, nor would it have back in 2003.

Torrent Freak posted an updated story in September of this year.

Below is the media info for the movie. The resolution matches the era. Everything was so small back then, compared to now. We've come a long way.

The Fanimatrix Media Info
640x464 !!!

And of course you can find multiple uploads on You Tube.