Mario Party: AA Edition.

Drunk Mario Party

Saw a reddit post recently about a guy having friends over and wanted the internets opinion on fun video games they can drink while playing. Semi instantly, some mold got dislodged in my head and it all came back to me in one vomit induced memory... Drunken Mario Party 8 on the Wii...

Drunken Mario Party: One night while playing our new Mario Party 8 game, we decided to have a “few” beers whilst playing. Only one thing could have come from such a thing… We somehow came up with a shit load of rules to play Drunken Mario Party, and here they are.

1: At the beginning dice roll, he who rolls lowest, must drink.
2: He who lands on a blue space, gives a drink.
3: He who lands on a red space, must take a drink.
4: When obtaining a star, all other players must take a drink.
5: He who loses a minigame, takes a drink.
6: During travel out of the players control [ie: Dolphin rides], all other players must drink for the duration.
7: When losing a star, that player must take a drink.
8: Landing on a “DK” space enables you to give out a drink.
9: Landing on a “Bowser” space means you must take a drink.
10: During team minigames, the losing team must drink twice.
11: Whoever recieves “Chump Charity” must take a drink.
12: To use a piece of candy, the player must take a drink first.
13: Any time a player has to return to the beginning of the board by a power other than his own, this player must take a drink.
14: Any time a player loses coins, that player must take a drink.
15: Whenever you pass another player, that player must take a drink.
16: Whatever place you finish in, that is how many drinks you must take before you can start another game.

I hope you & your friends can have the same drunken enjoyment that we have had on many a night playing Mario Party.

TOTN Arhive Post

We're all going to agree that it was probably almost a borderline bad idea. Flirted with learning the hard way on this one...

What's that? Play again with the peoples for old times sake...

No thanks, I choose life.