Tax the SHIT out of the 1 percent

What they would pay in taxes

Looks fair to me. They'd still have ALL THE GODDAMN MONEY! Even after paying taxes. Shit, Bezos will make that money back in roughly 28 days!

How long it takes Bezos to earn his wealth tax

This is what comes up after clicking the link above and inputting the proper info. The man will generate 5.7 BILLION dollars of income in just under 1 month. This shit right here is why the 1% need to pay... My income is taxed. I pay sales tax on a vehicle purchase. I pay it again as reported income when I sell the same vehicle later on. Gas is taxed. Everything we do is taxed again and again, until we barely have enough left to cover shelter & food. 

Meanwhile, there are people that have entirely way too much FYM. They have us right where they want us. Dependent on them for everything we "need" for our every day life. We're so used to it by now, it has become our new normal. It's complete horse 💩.