Hey look, it's me Phillip J. Fry

Forgetful Fry

I have narrowed it down to the following. Too many blows to the head over the last 35+ years. I recall a few of them, vaguely. The tree swing branch that was at least a foot in diameter. Right on the top of my head. Ended up indenting the outline of my fat dome in the branch. Looking back on that one, it could have paralyzed me, or worse. It was the 90's, and no one gave a 💩.

Or the time I lost consciousness after slapping my face on the sidewalk at the high school during summer break. That's what I get for skating too fast while jumping over a metal water drain (so I didn't bust my ass of course). Somehow I walked my concussed ass to the school nurse. My face looked similar to Harvey Dent after his little "accident".

So yeah. I have no idea if I have "free time" or I forgot all the 💩 I had planned to do. WTF was my point here again???