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Den of Geek - President Camacho reveals a 3-step plan

I know people look down on and get all judgy and shit when you talk about who you voted for, or ask someone else WTF they were doing in that privacy booth for over an hour... I don't think it takes that long to fill out those little circles. We used to do it every year for a week in elementary school for Christs sake.

Anyways, take a wild guess and tell me who has my vote next year. The two party system failed us years ago when those greedy, corrupt politicians started thinking that they don't work FOR US anymore and can do WTF they want.

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It has been happening for years. We're too caught up fighting amongst ourselves to notice, and do something about it. This is exactly what they want.

I don't know how this went off the rails and into all of us being completely dependent on those in "power". Back to the task at hand.

Camacho for President 2024

I have never put a bumper sticker on my car, but I would for that man. We all know he would be levels above anyone else that has made their career shitting on the same people who vote them into office.

And I just found the stickers online.

We need someone who won't play their bitch games. Someone who would punch someone like Chuck Grassley in the face if he started on his bullshit.


So WTF are you going to do on Tuesday, November 5, 2024?