Yearly PC Prices

1990's PC Gaming Setup

I enjoy retro gaming. It's no secret. Growing up during the console wars of the 90's was an amazing time to be a kid. All the new tech, the push from every direction for each system to be at the top of the pile. And of course the shit talking from all of them. It was great.

A few of my friends were in to PC Gaming as well. I got my feet wet around junior year of high school. The old 486 33mhz PC I had certainly was not the best, but it did run a few of the classics. Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were playable.

I came across this list online of computer prices from 1970 on, and... Wow. A PC in 1997 would cost as little as $6,000 in 2023!. WTF. Inflation is a sum'bitch isn't it?

Ill stick with my Acer Nitro paired with an Acer monitor thank you very much. It runs everything from Atari 2600 up to just about everything released in 2023. I can always fall back on my retro gaming box if I want to play Uniracers on my 65" LG 4k television.