The OG Battlestation

EDIT: New Hotness battle station pics coming soon.

Dear Tiny Jesus, in your golden fleece diapers with your tiny, little fat balled up fists... Grant me the wisdom to forgive myself for living like that in my 20's. And to realize I lived as a slob.

Most of these images are from 2004, and the resolution was terrible on everything back then. I up-scaled the images online at this site. It's free and very simple to use.

OG Desk (Upscaled)

Look at that mess. It's only gong to get worse the more you scroll. Enlarge the image and you'll find all kinds of shit. Here's what I saw: VCR, Pokeball, Doritos, The Internet on CD-R. Shit, actually this is probably the cleanest the desk ever was.

I am probably hung over in this one (above). Afro-Ken (Sure do miss him), Red solo cup, Creepy Slim Jim guy mug, From this angle it's not so bad....

  Front View 2

Oh yeah. This one is pure laziness meets drunken idiot. Beer bottles, Vodka bottles, Piggy-bank, Match-box cars. I am starting to feel unclean just looking at it. 🤮

Digga desk 1

A cubic ton of liquor at this point. At the time, We believed it was a badge of honor to keep all the empties. Looking back on it, it was just the beginning of what could turn into Alcoholism if left untreated.

Suf Desk

Doritos, Piggy-bank, Liquor, The Diggastyle Dot Com web server next to my main rig. A 2nd bank (Bud Light), Sheets and clothes all over the place.Soda bottles. Bunch of train wrecks hung out in this damn place. EDIT: And Suf (he is DOA on Twitter). I'm glad we all got our shit together. I most definitely do not regret it. We had some good times, all before everyone was issued a celly at birth and recorded everything. At least we controlled the narrative of what was put out and when.