The Comedy GOAT

George Carlin - Years to life, not life to years

If George Carlin is not in your top 5 GOAT comedian list I don't think we can be friends. He was so far ahead of his time on any topic he spoke on. Especially the Government. And to think, in the 50's he started out doing clean cut comedy that mirrored everyone else of that era. I wonder what people thought in 1977 at USC when they heard the George we all came to love and respect. I wish I was there. Unfortunately I definitely was not, as I was born 4 years later. I did, however get to see Carlin at the end of his career before he passed in 2008 😢. Here are a few quote images I was able to dig up.

George Carlin - Invisible man

George Carlin - Stupid people

The Wikipedia article is absolutely worth the time it takes to read it. And don't say I didn't warn you if you decide to go down this YouTube rabbit hole...