Here is what I think about your opinions.

Your Opinions are SHIT

You might be sitting there, asking yourself, "Why are they shit?" Because they just are, that's why. Guess what? Mine are too. I post dumb shit on a nameless blog on the internet because I need some kind of an outlet. That is why I ran all those other sites back in the day. I needed a way to get whatever the hell was in my head out in some kind of productive way. My opinions were (and still are) shit. I do believe that my 20 year old self was a hell of a better content creator than the old AF me is though.

You may not like or agree with my opinions on Life, The Universe, and Everything, and that's fine. I could care less. I have a feeling I wont agree with you on your opinions either. We can agree to disagree on everything and make our own ways in the world, because the end result doesn't matter. We all die. It's the path you take in life that matters the most.