2002 Be Like...

People in 2002 be like...

I know this, because I am people in 2002. Such a pain in the ass it was. I remember going over the monthly minute cap and my father lost his shit. "Call me after 9" was ingrained in all of us very quickly. Either by repeated indoctrination via our parents, or by the belt.

And WTF is up with having to pay per text back then? The technology was very new to us as consumers and we did not have enough time to learn that texts were just piggybacked off the cell towers voice line. Sneaky bastards.

I do miss T9 texting though. I could send a full conversation via text (for .10 fucking cents 😠) while my phone was in my pocket. Yes, just like the scene in The Departed.

Go ahead. Try it. And good luck...🤣

Do you even T9?