Mental Illness Sucks

I do not know this man. I have never met him, nor have I ever interacted with him on a daily basis for a number of years. Nor have I ever been almost choked to death by someone who, at first glance, could pass for this mans identical twin brother.

All I do know is, from the video evidence posted above... He is a very sick person when he is not taking a regular medication regimen for an extended period of time (from the video posted above of course).

I have heard in the past (and the present), that once someone is on a therapeutic dose of medications that work for them, a persons quality of life can increase exponentially (with minor side effects over time).

TL;DR: Get help if you think you need it. The best time to get help was yesterday. The second best time, is today. Or, you could end up in prison. Or worse, a forensic psychiatric center for 1 day to life.