No one loves K-Mart more than that guy

K-Mart store cassette tape

When I worked Shoprite for a summer, before they fired me (assholes), All I heard on repeat was the new Tarzan movie that The Mouse just put out. It wore out its welcome very quickly, but I still rewound that vhs and hit play again. WTF else was I going to listen to while stocking frozen food?

Anyways, there is one guy out there who REALLY liked the music they played at the local K-Mart he was working his 1st job at. He got hold of the tapes and did what any normal freedom loving American would do... He digitized the tapes and uploaded them to the Internet Archive. I just shed a tear of freedom just now.

So enjoy all the best damn music K-Mart could afford back in the day. I'm going to download as much as I can and throw it on a flash drive for when I cruise the mean streets trying to pick up ladies of questionable moral stature. 

K-Mart was poppin

All the cool kids got dragged kicking and screaming to get beat while school shopping.

So I just checked the main site of Archive.Org ... Mother of God. They have so much.