Marion Stokes, the real OG data hoarder.

 This woman right here was decades ahead of her time. From her Wiki page:

"Marion Marguerite Stokes (née Butler; November 25, 1929 – December 14, 2012) was a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, access television producer, civil rights demonstrator, activist, librarian, and prolific archivist, especially known for her compulsive hoarding and archiving of hundreds of thousands of hours of television news footage spanning 35 years, from 1977 until her death in 2012, at which time she operated nine properties and three storage units. According to The Los Angeles Review of Books's review of the 2019 documentary film Recorder, Stokes's massive project of recording the 24-hour news cycle "makes a compelling case for the significance of guerrilla archiving."

She was her own personal YouTube a year before the 3 guys who made it were born. That shit is nuts. The Internet Archive is the best thing going on the internet right now. Check out everything they have on her...